THE PRESENT INDIAN POLITICAL SCENE - राम प्रधान, ज्येष्ठ पत्रकार

Since Independence for the last sixty years the Indian politics is dominated by the Nehru Gandhi dynasty as no other leader of the so called the national parties have conquers the full-faith of the Indian electorate in their leadership.
Since the latter part of late Smt. Indira Gandhi regime there arose a strange phenomena of a multi party alliances of different political parties under the title of S.V.D. (Samyukta vidhayak Dal) as no party was in a position to capture the minimum seats for the single majority in the LokSabha, barring a term of late Shri Rajve Gandhi under the sympathy-swing of the popular votes after the saddest-assacination of Smt. Indira Gandhi. Late Shri Rajv Gandhi was about to win the General elections he held but he was mercilessly removed from the political horizon by the terrorist of LTTE with their human bomb squad as a revengefully attitude as he had sent, during his last regime, a peace-keeping force from India to help the then Shrilanka Govt. The chief of LTTE Prabhakarn had confessed the error of judgment, before a few days he was supposed to have been killed by Indian military action against him. But this time it had nothing to do with the thumping majority Smt. Soniya Gandhi captured in the General poll and there was no popular swing of the votes got by her party and the alliance headed by her. She was short of only eleven seats to have the one party majority in Loksabha but strongly enough the independents rallied round her UNCONDITIONALLY. And the tradition set up through the politics for so many years of horse- trading was not taken resort to. This could be said as the phy nominal change in the Indian Political filed perhaps leading to the one party Rule in the near future and could be viewed as a harbinger of that possible process.

As you might have come to know from my privious analysis of the political scene here the leftist party had confronted Smt. Soniya Ganghi to oppose her neucleare agreement with U.S.A. The other emergent political powers through their success at the state level had to be minded whether to support her internally or outwardly had also to join her viewing unexpted success of her. There was also an attempt to form a fourth front by some displeased elemts inside the U.P.A.

There was not any wave or so behind the ruling congress and its leadership both at the party level and at the cabinet level but it was only a shrewd management and political sagacity behind the selction of candidates and the planned poll campaign she had for mutated.

Outwardly, to inculcate the way of working in under a famous economist Dr. Manmohan singh
People of India and those abroad will not forget the disturbing campaign Shri Sangama, the former speaker of Loksabha had launched against Smt. Soniya Gandhi on the issue of her days of distress. But she had faced it boldly at that time and by inducting as junior minister his daughter Agatha in the minstry has mostly out – down shrowdty the nuisance value of Mr. Sangma, as political strategy. Reaming aloof from the leadership of the cabinet herself and also keeping Rahul away from the power at the center, which she could have done easily without any opposition, she has amply exhibited that she or her heir-apparent are not power-hungry, though she has kept the reigns of party leadership in her and in his hand.
The political analysis generalized is mostly subjective and as it is a conceptual thinking having many strings attached to it and so it is a virtual image far away from reality. The talk of dynastic rule is now obsolete in the present political context, every party leader and political worker of the first plank has inducted his or her son or daughter in the political field. So the talk about the dynastycism generally stinks.
It is no wonder that Smt. Soniya had a very good poll in the south and even touched a percentage of ninety at some pockets and over powing the North except Bengal. It is also laudable that the Mayawati factor also has been sidetracked before and while forming the ministry also.
The poll, in a big way, has foiled all the seeded expectants of the P.M. ship including Mayavati and has expressed full faith in Dr. Manmohan Singh who has maintained a steady rate of progress in the Indian Economy though the world including U.S.A. which is badly affected by the economic recess at large. We can safely say that this is because the unflinching faith in the peaceful Development policy. during the last five years regime though there was a lot of external and internal confrontations. This could partly be credited as a 'Thumps up' to the morale of the Indian people including the Kashmiries. Dr.Sing, the P.M. has inducted eleven youngsters in the extension of his ministry with the concent and guidance of Smt. Soniya though Rahul has been opted out this time presages the future plan to hand over to the youngsters responsibility to shoulder the political scene and the leadership of the country. Non-inclusion of Rahul Gandhi at present seems to build in him an able politician
The democracy in a political party is a platonic idea as no party machinery could be run on this concept. It is followed in actual practice the party would not be a homogenous body and it would go helter-skelter and disintegrate. Remember that concessus is quite different from 'inner-party democracy.
Objectivity is only ‘what it is’ and not what or how it should be.
In the Northern India Smt Gandhi has deftly chosen Mira Kumar, the daughter of late Shri Jagajivan Ram who was at his time the undisputed leader of U.P. At the time of the futile attempt of the Janata party conglomeration Jagjivan Ram had Joined hands with it in confrontation against the then P.M. late Smt. Indira Gandhi. But in politics the past is generally forgotten and placed attention on the present to have the positive results. Though the stings are not completely eliminated an adoption of the policy of coordination always results fruitfully.
The new P.M. having a second term, Dr, Manmohan Singh has taken in hand a hundred days workable agenda for his cabinet colleagues. It could be viewed to make an efficient cabinet and he being now quit old it also could be interpreted as a precursor to hand over the regines to Rahul Gandhi at an appropriate time.

The formation of the new ministry at the centre the weight age of South on North is on one hand a by pass of old Tradition of the party and an indirect message to activate the party machinery there and on the other hard the possible promotion of Smt. Mira Kumar to the speaker ship of Loksabha would tend to trigger a rift in Smt. Mayawathi hegemony in U.P. politics. This is amply clear indication to give an effective role to tamales in the national politics. Smt. Mira Kumar has a Surpassing backing over others in the nearly elected congress M.P.s. of congress. Now with a thumping majority for U.P.A. (the ruling alliagns) it would be easy for Mrs. Sonia Ganghi to put in actual practice the formula of 33 precent representation to females. It is happens so let us watch what constructive role the ruling alliagns would play under the triumvirate at the helm i.e. Smt Pratibha Ratl Smt.Ganghi and Smt, Mira Kumar.

The new Ministry is going to be a joint venture of the old stalwarts and eleven youngsters and the performance of young sters. Would be politically interesting to watch especially jotiraditya shinde, Sachin pilot and Pratik patil.

The induction of Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh in the central cabinet was overdue and should not be considered as a surprise, It is resignation of the C.M.ship of Maharashtra state at the wake of the horrible bomb explosions in Mumbai on 26th November last year and acceptance of it by the centre then entailed this possibility and he has pretty good range of year's to serve the country form that launch.
This inclusion has also given him an opportunity for introspection of his political carrer as C.M. ship of the very inportant state of the nation. He does possess a versatile genius. It is high time that he should do the introspection and be more responsive to the aspirations of the people.
In the last U.P.A. ruling alliance there was much importance to the Marxist communist K. Karunanidhi of D.M.K. and Lalu prasad yadav if R.J.D.(Bihar). In the year's to come all these constituan to of U.P.A. turned to be trouble maker's and Smt. soniya Gandhi had to be much humble before them. The Mrxist Shri Karat had rebelled against her and the U.P.A. when the poll were in offing. Shri Lalu Prasad was not so clear and transparent about the alliance and with his Chatpuja episode he had antagonize the Marathi people in Maharashtra Sanjay Nirupam through Shri Ashok Chavan, the C.M. of Maharashtra state and so isolated Shri Lalu Prasad who was trying to have a political clout in Maharashtra through the ever increasing migratory influx there from U.P and Bihar to pressurize Smt. Sonia i.e. The same case was with Shri. Karunanidhi who wanted both his son Shri M.K.Azgiri and daughter Smt. Kanimozi to get included in the central cabinet included in the central cabinet. Smt. Soniaji as the head of the Ruling alliance shrewdly inducted Smt Kanimoze in her new ministry and kept a part Azgiri from power. There seems to be a possibility that Smt. Soniaji is manoeuring the formulae of 33% induction of women in the political field of the country.

Unless this review of the last General election to Loksabha and the formation of the new ministry at the centre, the objective picture of the present political scene in India wick not come in sight with the proper perspective. Now Lalu has decided t devote himself to party building in his home state as he has been dislodged. The dreams of many stalwarts and claimants for P.M.ship have been shattered, including that of Shri Advani.
Shri Rahul opting for the general secretaryship of the parent party wants to concentrate on U.P. and Bihar which have lagged behind in respect of development and wants to strengthen his brigade of youngsters there who were side tracked.
The Marxist being humbled by the poll feel a need to have introspection and rebuild the morale of their party in their home state as Mr. Karat has come to know his real political influence.
Mr. P.A. Sangama is said to have met Smt. Soniya Ganghi after the induction of his daughter Agatha ,the youngest of all in the central cabinet It is said that her inductions is the result of the efforts he made through Shri Sharad Pawar to have a detente with Soniya i.e.
One should know that Shri Sharat Pawar first raised the issue of Smt.Soniya Ganghi foreign nationality to impede her way to become P.M. of India and he was strongly supported Shri Sangama vocitarously and Shri Tariq Anwar and broke away from party stream and established Rashtriyawadi. Congress whose leader I need not go in to the details of the after math as to how Shri Pawar joined hands with Smt. Ganghi and be a partner of U.P.A.
Now Mr. Sagama's gestures could be considered as a precursor of R.S. again entering in to the main stream as the recent elections have put a seal on Shri Pawar's ambition to head the nation.
As I have said before that B.J.P. has been humbled to the position of a regional party having the erosion of its base. In the year 2004 that party had polled 22.16% votes but now this percentage has been reduced to 18.8% Like Shri Shard Pawar, his ambition for the P.M. ship has also been shattered. Shri Narendra Mody of Gujarat was projected by Shri Aduvani as the next candidate for P.M.ship has a strong opposition within B.J.P. its self, leave aside the N.L. alliance.
Giving the reigns of the Nation in the hands of Smt. Gandhi with the increase in the vote percentage has vindicated clearly the faith in the policies of U.P.A. and the nuclear agreement entered recently with U.S.A.